For folks who already printed the PNT text

If you have already made yourself a copy of the latest PNT text (as of last year), I am furnishing here the brief list of things that have been corrected in the newly published version.  Since there are only a few, you can just make the corrections in your copy, without printing the whole thing again.

Matthew 3, second line: substitute “arrived” for “come near.”  (It’s a perfect tense.)

At the end of Acts 5, the next-to-last line:  a closed square bracket instead of the vertical line

Romans 15, second paragraph (v.7), first line:  should read “welcomed you“, not “us.”

II Timothy 3:16:  insert “also” after each of the places where (is) appears.

James 2:20 — first line:  the “O” should be capitalized.

I John 1, second paragraph, v.7, after “blood” add in brackets  “[life]”.

Rev.14, third line from the end:  the parenthetical note should be italicized: it is not in the text.

That will bring your copy up to date.


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