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Hello, everyone —

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Dan’s family — he is home, safe, healthy, and just submitted his last temperature record, so he did NOT bring any Ebola home.   The team had a useful time in Sierra Leone , and we thank all of you who were remembering him in your prayers.  We of course continue to be concerned for the folks over there, and in the other affected areas.

Dan successfully moved the Greek Index to the tab with the other indexes, and we posted all the corrections that had been waiting — so the New Testament text, the Translation Notes, and the 200 Word Studies are all corrected and up to date, as of a couple days ago.

So thanks for your patience, and you can check out the corrected versions.

We still appreciate your questions and comments.

Ruth (and Dan)

2 Responses to Check the download list

  1. Glad to hear that Dan made it back safely. I look forward to your latest version.

  2. ruthpmartin says:


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