Download the PNT

This is the full text of the Pioneers’ New Testament in Adobe Acrobat format.  You are free to print it, share it, and quote it with attribution to this website.  Commercial use is not permitted without prior, written permission from the translator.

Download it here

The download is about 1.6MB in size and is readable with the Adobe Reader version 7.0 and later.  If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, you can download it from

Those who wish to understand the translation choices made in the Pioneers’ New Testament may wish to examine the Translator’s Notes as well.

17 Responses to Download the PNT

  1. Thanks,
    I will download it and read it.
    You might be interested in looking at my Gospel of the Kingdom:Retold, a harmony of the Gospels.

    Robert Roberg

  2. L Dale Richesin says:

    I am writing a book comparing 150+ English translations of the Bible. I would like permission to quote a few verses of the Pioneer New Testament for comparison.

  3. ruthpmartin says:

    You may quote at any time, with attribution.

  4. D. Lindemann says:

    I would very much like to get a printed version of the latest 2008 edition (with notes included at the back) in hard cover format.

    Have you considered offering print editions through self publishing companies such as Lulu? I have used this publisher in the past.

    I am able to have your pdf files printed and bound through Kinkos. However, they can not do a quality binding.

  5. ruthpmartin says:

    Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the cost of having it printed is prohibitive, as is the problem of disposing of a large inventory (the only way to get the cost down). Since I do not have a marketing agent, I found out with the first edition that printing just does not work when one has no sponsor or promoter. I have never tried to make money from the work — I do not believe that is appropriate — but cannot foot the bill for a large amount.

  6. Bob says:


    Thank you for your time and commitment of making this available.

    Do you have any other formats available other than PDF? My interest is to re-format for a free Bible software program for personal use. This would have many advantages (at least for me), cross referencing and comparison among a few.

    I’ve been reading your other material and have found a new excitement in doing so. Many thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.



  7. dwmtractor says:

    Bob, this is (finally) Dan, the wandering webmaster and Ruth’s oldest son. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply to you earlier. I’m curious what format you’re using for the handheld reader…not by any chance OliveTree’s BibleReader? I ask because I use BR myself on a Palm T|X for about 5 versions of the Bible including NT Greek, and I would love to have the PNT on there as well, but don’t have the time/energy to learn how to format it.

    I do think that a PDA-type format (especially iPhone tho I don’t have one) would be a great way to make the PNT available to a wider audience, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on it. Let’s stay in touch!

  8. Bob says:

    Hi Dan,

    Hope you weren’t wandering to long. 🙂

    The format I was considering was more along the lines of desktop software (e-Sword and theWord Bible software). This is not to rule out other types also. We should probably chat via email or even a phone conversation. You can get my email address from Ruth.

    Looking forward to your follow-up.

    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner my schedule has been overflowing.

  9. Paula says:

    I’m happy to see more women working on Bible translations. I too am involved in this, though I’m taking more of a study tool approach:

    I wrote the software so it runs on any modern browser, and will never charge any fees for the free online version. If any interest for a printed version develops in the future, I’d only charge enough to cover the cost of printing. For too long a few powerful committees have held the Word of God for ransom!

  10. ruthpmartin says:

    That looks interesting. A new interlinear will be helpful to beginning students. May we refer students to your site? We do not currently have a class in progress, but anticipate a new one next year, perhaps.
    One reader suggested putting mine in a format that could be used by one of several “demand printing” outfits. My son has not yet had time to investigate that, but it sounds like a way to let folks get a print copy if they choose. We too make no charge — with Paul, we do not feel that it is appropriate to “ride” the Word for profit!
    Blessings to you as you work toward faithfulness!

  11. Paula says:

    Sure, I’d be honored to help however I can. Of course it’s still in “beta” and I hope to finish the first draft next year. But I’d be happy for any feedback on the software as well as the content. Thanks!

    Also, I make a PDF of each book as I finish it. It’s a condensed interlinear with the full translation text. If interested, I could set up a place on my site for downloading them.

  12. I’ve almost finished your 100 words that may change you life and indeed they have already rocked my world. Thank you.

  13. Felix Marin jr. says:

    I downloaded/printed the PNT & notes a few weeks ago and have been reading through it. Wow! I have dozens of bible translations and love reading the bible. However, I am so excited to have discovered your translation. I especially love the use of the word faithful! I have already been blessed and expect to learn much more as I continue delving into the PNT. I am being challenged to see many passages in fresh ways. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Felix

  14. ruthpmartin says:

    Thank you for your kind message. Check out some of the word studies as well. Your reactions are welcome.

  15. Felix Marin says:

    Hello Ruth, after I printed your PDF and put it in a 3-ring binder, I decided to go to Staples to have your PDF new testament translation made into a booklet. I wanted to post a couple pictures of it for others to see – but don’t see where I can?

    It came out rather nice. If you print the pages yourself – before going to Staples – they with use a machine to bind it with a spiral binding and it cost less than $10.00. This is easier to handle, lays flat, and easy to take with you – much nicer than a 3-ring binder. They put a nice cover and back.

    I am continuing to read it and it is now one of my favorite translations. I often consult/compare around 7 different translations and your is becoming one of my tops. Thanks again and God bless you for all your work. Sincerely Felix

  16. ruthpmartin says:

    Thanks, Felix. I am posting your comment for the benefit of others. I had the same thing done with my own copy, at Office Depot. Some folks have done it at Fed-X. If you want to email me a picture, I will see if I can post it. But maybe you could do the same by adding the picture to your comment. Try it once, and then I will try to do it if that doesn’t work. I am so glad you are finding it useful. FYI, the site has been visited in 191 countries so far. That is amazing. Some of them are places that block many internet things.

  17. Felix Marin says:

    Hello Ruth, if our Lord Jesus took some bread loaves and a few small fish and made it a meal for thousands, I am not surprised he is multiplying your hard work of translating the new testament so that it is reaching people across the earth. I am not able to add my picture to the comment box as you suggested so, if you like, please send me an email and I’ll attach it. Sincerely, Felix

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