January 24, 2014

Ok, folks, I have made all the corrections I found, in the individual postings.  You may not notice a lot of difference — most are just punctuation or typos — only a few other changes.

Now I will get about fixing the errors in the compiled text.  So don’t blame Dan for the delay.  I hope to send him the corrected text by early nest week.




January 17, 2014

Good morning, everyone —

This is just to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten you!
The Two Hundred Word Studies have finally been compiled into one document.  Now you just have to wait till Dan has a chance to do the new index with his better software, and it will be available.

As I was working, I found (surprise, surprise!) a number of corrections that needed to be made in the original studies.  They are fixed in the new document, but  I realized that most of you will be still using the original postings. So I have begun making the same corrections in the old ones.  So far, I have done fifty.  This will take a while, so I will let you know as they are finished.  The changes are not major: a few places where I neglected to italicize the Greek words, a number of typos, and some changes in words, phrasing, or emphasis — but I want you to have the best information that I can provide.

Meanwhile, please send me a note if there are other studies you would like to see, or if there are things you would like to add to the existing ones.  There are a lot of folks using the site now — it is about to pass 52,000 uses, and the site has not counted all the individual people.  Even more gratifying is the reach to 165 countries!  Won’t it be great when we can all meet!

Thanks for your continued interest.  May we help each other to greater faithfulness!