An Invitation

June 17, 2014

Good morning, folks.

(Jimmy, this is for you, and for all the others that have been wondering)

Some of you have been asking why the regular postings of word studies seemed to have stopped.

Well, you see, it’s like this.  I am an electronically-challenged, 75 year old grandma, who was not born in the computer age.  In the middle of working on compiling all 200 word studies into a document that you all can download for printing if you wish, my poor little old computer, with which I was usually able to reach an agreement, went extinct when they did away with “XP”.  So Dan, my geek son, gave it a “brain transplant”, which was supposed to make things easier — and maybe it would have, if I were younger — but it didn’t.  Consequently, the posting of the new, linked index, and the combined document have been delayed, and all my energy has gone into trying to get that figured out.  Dan is incredibly patient, but lives 6 hours away, and can’t do it all with Team Viewer.  Besides, he has a job, wife, and family whom I don’t want to rob.

Nevertheless, while waiting for things to be working properly, I do invite all of you to suggest other words or subjects that you would like to see addressed.  I can work on those with the old-fashioned books that I really prefer, and use a different machine to post them.  This site has never had the interchange that I had hoped it would generate, although many of you have expressed appreciation.  As you can see from many of the postings, some were suggested by readers — and yours are welcome as well.  The only restriction I have placed on that, is that it must be sourced in the New Testament, and not in some commentator’s or “theologian’s” theories.

So the ball is in your court, people.  Raise questions, suggest studies, and ask the Lord to do something to my old brain that will get this mess straightened out!

If you prefer to communicate by email,please say so on the “response” button, and I will get back to you individually at the address that comes up on your response.  I get far too much junk mail to post our personal email on the web.

Love to you all,