The new revision

Hello, friends —

As you have seen, Dan has posted the latest PNT revision for your free download.  Some of the corrections you have already seen, in the updates we did the last couple years;  but there are quite a few more.  Notably, I have italicized more of the plural uses of “you” that were previously missed.  This is an important feature to note, as it materially affects the mutuality that is endemic to Jesus’ message.  I have also offered a number of alternate readings — indicated by brackets [ ] — which I consider to be a matter of linguistic ethics, since they are equally valid interpretations of the vocabulary and grammar.
There are no major changes — a few typos — yes, we are still finding those — but if you have already made yourself a copy, it is still reasonably reliable.

I cannot tell you how much work and patience it has taken for Dan to shepherd me through these revisions.  It is amazing — and my gratitude knows no bounds.  And not just the technological expertise:  to have a son be this much concerned to enable his mom’s “handing in the assignment” made by the Lord more than 50 years ago, is an unspeakably precious gift.  To all you young folks out there :  it is a beautiful example for you, and can give the “old folks” incredible hope and delight!

Unless something else intervenes, I  am going to be taking a break from the word studies for a bit now, since they have reached 200 entries, and working at assembling them in a unit as we did previously.  This is a good time for you to express an opinion:  would you rather have them in two sets of 100, or all together?  And are there aspects that should be included, which I have neglected?

When that is done, I hope to hit the more challenging task of indexing the Greek words.  But I will have to learn some different computer operations for that, so don’t hold your breath!

Meanwhile, please do send your observations about any errors or oversights that should be included in the word study compilations.

And thanks for your participation.  This work has now passed 45,000 uses, in 156 countries!  What fun it will be to meet you all when the Lord brings us all together!

3 Responses to The new revision

  1. john5. dunn says:

    Dear Mrs. Martin – your notes have proved most valuable and I, along with many others, wish to express heartfelt gratitude for this great labour of love. I wait for each word with eager anticipation and am delighted to read it and add it to this wonderful, growing list.

    I am also delighted you are going to amalgamate the 200 words and if a simple soul here might suggest, one large gathered list would be the most helpful. However, I am aware that this will mean a great labour for it will mean collating each list afresh. It cannot be a great hardship for us to look up a word across two or three gathered lists, and this would certainly save you some time, especially when it comes to collating the Greek words – much time needed for this, I fear.

    However, glory itself will bear testimony to the number of folk who have benefited from your labour of love, and as you say – what fun that glory will be. It is a shame that not many seem to think of heaven as a place of fun, but talk in terms of joy and happiness [which, of course, it is and will be] but fun? Yes, lots of it, and in the very best way possible.

    The PNT continues on, too I see. I admit I have not read much of it as I confess to finding that reading off the screen is very trying on my eyes. I print off what I need and that helps. What I have read I find very helpful indeed, and you throw much light and give fresh insights on so many places it is a heart warming to explore and think hard.

    Do you think the PNT is something that might ever be published in book form?

    Once again, a very grateful “thank you”, and may the Lord spare you for many more years to come until we all see that Eternal Word face to face.

    Yours, aye, John Dunn [UK]

  2. dwmtractor says:

    Dear John,

    As the digital editor and tech support for this blog, I want to thank you for your extremely kind words. It does a son much good to see such praise for his Mom!

    We haven’t gone to the expense of a bound copy in a number of years, as the first run we did was never fully distributed and resulted in some cost (as I recall). However, the PDF file is set up in such a way that if you were to take it to a local printer, they could print and bind a copy. In the US, the most likely candidate for this would be FedEx Kinko’s, but a quick Google tells me that FedEx sold their UK stores (London and Reading only, I’m afraid) to The Colour Company. I am guessing there may be other service bureaus of this sort though I am not familiar with them.

    If you encounter any difficulty with this, please feel free to contact us and I may be able to be of assistance.

    Blessings and warmest regards,


  3. Luke West says:

    Just downloaded your PNT – really enjoying it. Thank you so very very much for your tenacity and bravery. I’m really loving it. What a gift!

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