Citizens of the Kingdom – A Society Without Status is a book written by the translator of the Pioneers’ New Testament.  In it, she examines the New Testament model of the church as a community of people committed to each others’ welfare as they together seek both to serve the larger world, and to care for and support each other.

Download the PDF of Citizens here.

Print copies of this work are available from the author by special request.  If you’re interested in printed copies, please leave a comment on this page with your contact details.  Since this blog is moderated, I will not publish your contact details but will simply use them to contact you.  Other comments and discussion are also welcome and will be published as appropriate.

As with all of the work on this site, copyright is with the author.  Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial use with attribution; other use only by prior written permission.

3 Responses to Citizens-Book

  1. Dave Lindemann says:

    Greetings Ruth:

    I contacted you previously regarding self publishing of the Pioneers’ New Testament through Lulu Publushing. Since then I self published through Lulu a re-formatted elecrtonic Word document of your Citizens book.

    This is a private, print on demand, 6″ by 9″ paperback publication avaliable only to me. It costs me less than $7 per print copy. I wanted to mail you one of the 3 copies I had made for your review.

    I do believe this could be a good way to re-publish your Pioneers’ New Testament at a reasonable cost and gain more widespread exposure of your translation (which I would encourage you to consider – in both paperback and hardcover including a hradcover versions with your translation notes).

    If you have interest in seeing a hard copy produced by Lulu, let me know.

    On a related matter, I was interested in knowing whether or not you have come across a partial NT translation (Gospels, Johns letters and Revelation) by David Robert Palmer. Both you and he put a great deal of emphasis on Greek verb tense and translation accuracy.


    Dave Lindemann

  2. Eric Williams says:

    Hello. I am interested in obtaining a printed copy of the ‘Citizens of the KIngdom.’

  3. ruthpmartin says:

    It is available for free download on the web site. Everyone has permission to print or have printed a personal copy.

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