Corrections to the latest download

I have just finished going over the entirety of the last version of the 200 Word Studies posted. and found  few things you will want to mark if you have downloaded it to print.  (A few more added Sept.5)

p.14 — line 13 — reference should read “Jas.1:12”

p.48 — line 1 — “than” for “that”

P.52 — third paragraph from bottom:  “than” for “that”

p.77 — line 9 — reference should read:  I Jn.3:14

p.88 — end of paragraph in #66 – “love” instead of “live”

p.108 — 16 lines from the bottom of the page:  Change Lk.42 go Lk.24.  (There is no chapter 42!)
and just below that — the reference should read AC.1:1-4

p.153 — I missed capitalizing the S on “subsequently” — third line on the page.

p.174 —  third paragraph from the end of #133 — reference should read “Romans 12.

p.227 — second paragraph of #171 — second line — the Greek word is epiphaneia.

p.255 — add “e” at the end of “therefore” (last paragraph of #191)

p.260 — the reference should read Lk.4:18 in summary paragraph of #194.

Sorry about that, folks!  There are a few punctuation issues, too, but those are not critical.

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