New Downloads Available!!!

Well, folks, it has finally happened!

Dan and I pulled a couple marathon sessions over the weekend, and as of tonight, if you look under “downloads”, you will find:

— the latest, corrected version of the Pioneers’ New Testament

— corrected and augmented Translation Notes

— a combined, indexed document containing the first 100 Word Studies
I still hope to do a Greek index, if I can ever figure out how to do accents, breath marks, and subscripts on the computer.

All of these are in Adobe format, which anyone can download to a memory stick and take to an instant-printer, and have bound in any way you choose.   (I had a working copy made and bound for about $25 a year or so ago.)

Please note that the copyright allows you to make copies for your personal use (or to give away);  but any sale, or other use of the material for the profit of any individual or group is expressly excluded, without written permission from us.

I take very seriously the admonition that the Lord’s message is NOT to be “peddled for profit”.  I hope you will honor that choice.  If I can make the work of more than 30 years available for free, I think you should be able to share it with the click of your mouse for free.  “Freely you have received, freely give.”

The 13,400+ times that someone has made use of the material offered here, are amazing reassurance to me that the Lord has had his hand on this project from “before the beginning.”  I give thanks for each one of you, as well as for the monumental amount of work and effort that Dan has made on its behalf.

I still welcome your feedback on the “comments” option on the blog site.

Thanks for your interest.

May we continue to help each other toward faithfulness!

Love, Ruth

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