For the past two years, I have been posting New Testament word studies nearly every week, to supplement the New Testament translation, The Pioneers’ New Testament, accompanying Translation Notes, and word study guides, all of which you can download from this site.
Now that the word study collection has reached 100 entries, I intend to take a break from that project, in order to index all the words that have been included, and make it easier for you to access the treatment of a particular word or concept without scrolling through the whole thing.  I intend to include an index of the Greek words treated, as well.
This may take a while, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find new material as regularly.

Meanwhile, please remember that your comments, suggestions, and requests for particular studies are still most welcome.  You can send them with the “comments” button on this page, and I will be checking it regularly.

Please also know that I constantly give thanks for each of you who has contributed to the readership total of more than 10,000 in these two years.  May we all help one another to greater faithfulness!

In the service of the King,

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  1. terry welborn says:


    God’s blessings in your new udertaking. I look forward to seeing it when completed.

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