For your convenience

Good morning, folks.
We have just returned from a week with Dan’s family, and between enjoying the grandkids, he and I had a chance to do some rearranging on the blog, which we think will be helpful to you.

We have put the Word Study introduction and instructions on a separate tab, so you can find them easily, without scrolling clear back to near the beginning.

We have added a PDF copy of Citizens of the Kingdom, to which many of my notes and word studies refer.  You are invited to make the same use of this as the other copyright publications:  feel free to make a print copy for yourself if that is more convenient.  The only restriction is commercial use, as with all the material here.  That would require written permission.  I do have some of the original print copies on hand, so if you want to use them for a group study, I can make them available to you.  Instructions are on the Citizens tab.

We hope you will find these changes useful.  We have been delighted with the traffic this effort has received.   Of course we would enjoy hearing directly from more of you, with your thoughts and critique.  Faithfulness is intended to be a group effort!

Thanks for your interest.

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