Corrections for Translation Notes

Ok, here are the corrections that I have found since I re-wrote the Notes for Dan to post.  You can make them by hand until he gets the new version posted.  There are not many.

In “Task of a Translator” – last paragraph – “the 2nd edition is now complete, and posted on line.”
Jn.8:33-47, the list of people should read, “Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Menno, and all their fellows”.
11:28-37, line 1 – change “the” to “that”
18:33-37, line 1 – “that”, not “hat”

Ac.2 – end of chapter, end quote after “them”
Rom.12:18-21, line 2 – substitute “then” for “than”
I Cor.3:9 – replace “job” with “particular task”
II Cor.1, line 4 – comma after “genitive”
Eph.4:30 – capital A for apolutreos
I Tim.1:17, line 2 – apostrophe in “Paul’s”
John’s letters – intro. – add Jn.21:17 to Mt.16:17 in third paragraph
Rev.2:7 – “re: Nicolaitans – Etymologically, it could possibly be a combination of Nike, the name of the goddess of victory, and laos, people, and thus refer to a pagan cult.

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