Corrections to NT text

Hello, everyone.  Dan will put these corrections into the PDF copy in the next couple weeks, but for those of you who may have made your own copy, here is the list of corrections which you can add by hand, yourselves:

Corrections for NT text – July 2009

 Mt.5:25   add [opponent] after “accuser”  (twice)

Mt.8:5,8, and 13, and 12:18   add [servant] after “child”

Mt.14:31  add “t” to “hesitate” 

Mt.26:25, 26:64, and 27:11   add at end, [or, “What do you say?]

Mk.15:2   same as above

Lk.17:3  typo:  “each other”     

Lk.23:3  same as Mt. 26:25

John – all ok    

Ac.8:22  typo:  “removed”  (insert “v” and “d”)

Ac. 8:39   typo:  remove extra “r” in “later”

Rest of Acts ok

Romans ok      

I Cor.1:2  change “were” to “are” in parentheses          

I Cor. 1:30  typo:  omit “h” before “identification”

II Cor. Ok

Gal. ok

Eph. Ok          

Phil. 2:16  typo:  “c” at beginning of “continue” in [].

I and II Thess. Ok

I and II Tim. Ok

Titus ok

Philemon ok

Heb. Ok          

James ok

I Peter 2:20  should be [] instead of ()  around “demonstrates”

I Peter 3:17   insert alternate [or, It is better (for) those who are doing good, if they want God’s will, to suffer rather than doing wrong.]

II Peter ok

I and II John ok           

 Rev.6:16-18   typos:  Remove “ at beginning, Put it before “fall”.  Remove ‘ after “anger”.  The closing “ at the end is correct.

Rev 18:20   make sure “exacted” is corrected.  The “x” was omitted in the printed version.

 In NOTES:  Rev.4:6-8  close parentheses after “speculation”.

   Intro to John’s letters:  add “t” to “written”

I will still be glad for any suggestions you have.

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