Hello, all — this is “Mom”/grandma/Ruth.

I am grateful to my son, Dan, for getting this thing started.  I will just add a bit to his introduction.  Please take us both at our word, that we really do want this to be an interactive affair.  Although I categorically reject the “lone ranger” style of “Christianity”, deeming such an attitude really unworthy of that label, in my translation work I have been essentially forced into it.  As most of those who read this must surely know, the modern institution that calls itself “the church” effectively excludes the contribution of anyone not recruited, or at least approved by its own hierarchy.   I maintain that such a policy renders it difficult, if not impossible, for any meaningful dialog to take place, and therefore for any challenge to erroneous interpretation to be considered, much less heeded.

Having been “introduced” to the Lord as a college student, more than fifty years ago, and shortly thereafter diving into the original sources to find out about the life he offers, I have been impressed — often horrified — at the distortions of the original text that are accepted without question.  In literally every case, where I have found a discrepancy between the text and what “everybody knows” it says, the Real Thing is immeasurably richer, grander, and more beautiful.  Such is the “living and active Word of God.”!

Off and on for 20 years or so, my husband and I developed and taught a class in which we took inexperienced people, ranging in age from 8 to 80, from zero to the ability, using helps, laboriously, but responsibly to do their own translating from the Greek.  It was amazing and delightful to see them liberated to discover for themselves some of those riches.  They added immeasurably to our own understanding.  Their suggestions contributed greatly to the original translation.  But they are widely scattered now.

So, having failed to find anything remotely resembling “peer review,” I very seriously seek your feedback.  Have I gone off on a tangent?  Have I missed something in the vocabulary or grammar that would make it more clear to readers?  Has some one of these ideas jogged a thought for you that may be helpful to the rest of us?

I know this should happen in an interactive brotherhood.  However, sadly, we have not succeeded in finding such a rare creature.

So please — comment, correct, and critique what you see here.  And thanks for caring!

2 Responses to Hello

  1. Colleen says:

    Mom and Dan,

    This is an awesome venture! Thanks for your hard work on “getting this out there”. I look forward to the dialogue.


  2. Sharon (Teague) Vincent says:

    This news is absolutely awesome. I cannot imagine translating an entire NT when it takes a week or 2 to look at one word!
    So glad to hear of your works.
    Your sons have been so instrumental – I was overcome with looking back over the years – your family remains such a model to me.
    I hope and pray you get good results from the emails and the blog. And I hope it is in your lifetime!!
    I have grown spiritually over my lifetime by using the study methods you showed me (aghhh) 40 yrs ago!!! I don’t know how I would have ever looked at scripture if not for these methods.

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