Welcome to the PNT Home Page

This is a beginning. . .

I have been helping my Mom, Ruth Martin, with the technical aspects of electronically publishing her translation of the New Testament from the Greek. First self-published (by my brother Dave) in paperback in 1992, the Pioneers’ New Testament has undergone two revisions and one digital edition on CD since then. This latest revision was completed just last year. We’re using the blog format to put it “out there” for you. . .bread on the waters I guess. . .in the hopes that it can find interested parties to critique, chew on it, and perhaps be inspired to a new reading of the Scriptures through the challenges it presents.

In the next few days I’ll also post Mom’s translation notes, and with any luck get her on here to start commenting herself! In the meantime, please download a copy of the Pioneers’ New Testament (Adobe Acrobat format) and have a look for yourself!

One Response to Welcome to the PNT Home Page

  1. Florence Crago says:

    Ruth, I am involved with a group studying the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost scriptural references, sand will be dipping into your translation.

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